Virgo horoscope 27 february 2020

Horoscope reveals that certain zodiac signs are in for an exciting and completely lifechanging year. Are you going to be a new Mom?

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As a Virgo, you are naturally maternal and tender; qualities that make you the perfect candidate for pregnancy in Read up on Virgo horoscope. Jupiter will see your desires for a baby increase tenfold in , Scorpio friends. Discover your yearly predictions in Scorpio horoscope Jupiter and Neptune will encourage you either start or add to your family in Accept Read More. International celebrities Local celebrities Red carpet. Caitlyn Jenner confirmed for U. Chris Pratt pens touching message for brother in…. Francois Louw calls time on his Springbok career.

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An opportunity to travel, teach or publish your work could appear. Just make sure you think through the details carefully, as the full moon will oppose Mercury retrograde, creating some confusion around the details and perhaps raising false expectations. When in doubt, talk it out.

Get out of your head and back into your heart starting November 22, when the Sun moves into Sagittarius and your fourth house of home, family and emotional ties for a month. Or, just get busy putting up those holiday decorations and planning the festivities.

Avoid touchy topics on November 24, when confrontational Mars opposes hotheaded Uranus across your communication axis. You could easily get caught in a showdown trying to make your point. While it can be hard to listen to someone with such a radically different point of view, consider that they might just be trying to get a rise out of you by pushing your buttons.

Relationship harmony improves starting November 27, when nebulous Neptune ends a five-month retrograde through Pisces and your relationship house. Perhaps things got weird between you, with mixed messages flying around. It will be easier to get back on the same page soon. On Thursday, November 28, the moon, romantic Venus, structured Saturn and potent Pluto are all in Capricorn and your fifth house of love.

A budding attraction could turn serious and coupled Virgos could make the most of any time off. On December 2 spoiler alert , lucky Jupiter will begin a month visit to Capricorn, setting off a year filled with fireworks, flirtation and new adventures of the heart! Venus is in big-picture Sagittarius, making it easier than usual to open your heart, be more receptive and forgive people their trespasses.

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Virgo Horoscope 2020

Enjoy this annual cycle for connecting on a deeper level. If you live with your S. Pro tip: Focus on the boudoir to get that stagnant chi flowing, a la Feng Shui. Single Virgos might need to pry yourselves out of the house and into some good mingling settings. Grab a chatty wingperson to keep you from crawling home at the stroke of 8PM.

The tug toward emotional security is strong most of the month as driven Mars charges through Libra and your security-seeking second house until November With combative Mars in this fiscal center, couples may feel stressed or argue about money. But turn that into a positive. Let any tension motivate you to get your finances in order.

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On November 19, passionate Mars blazes into Scorpio and your communication center until January 3, , ratcheting up the flirtatious vibes and sexy banter. Between you and a new person or your beloved , the mental AND physical chemistry will be white-hot. Sparks could ignite with a friend or colleague or a solid-seeming person you meet online.

Resist the temptation to compare yourself—or your relationship status—with others. Variety is the spice of your love life, so whatever your current situation, give it some breathing room and mix things up beyond the usual. Venus will trot on to Capricorn the next day November 25 , firing up your sensual and passionate fifth house until December Romance is in the air for the rest of the year, and with Mars turning up the heat in Scorpio, there will be no shortage of places to mingle or socialize with bae: Bring on the holiday PDAs!

You might realize just how powerful you really are in a relationship or your dating efforts.