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Epstein, and he asks for speedy response or he will take corrective measures. Attached with the letter from Randy and Elli that Swann is responding to. Martin Says it was only Swann begging her to try to help that changed her mind to try to help da Silva two leaves , Includes forms and her information five leaves , Enclosed with 28 Jun typed letter from Swann to Mr.

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Chakalov expressing appreciation for his paper on Brain, Consciousness, Eternity and offering to meet and exchange larger overviews four leaves, one envelope , Browning throwing the area almost into a hysterical frenzy, and earthquakes one leaf , Schneider, noting the congress will be in German only one leaf, one item, and one envelope , Correspondence Jul-Aug, Mentions Martin Ebon two copies.

Says Magical Blend is a beautiful magazine one leaf , Jul copy of review of the play, Mambo Mouth by John Leguizamo, with invitation from Frances [Vargo] to Swann to attend a small theater party on 12 Jul one leaf , Also included is a collection of correspondence between Michel and others regarding the conflicts with Harry Palmer.

Cooper; enclosed with a magazine article about Elizabeth Primrose Smith one leaf, two items , I took great pains and a good deal of effort to establish this, because it is very easy for the precision nature of the training to become less and less precise — and end up in a mess.

Identical to 3 Aug. Stevenson would like to raise funds for research and would like to meet Edelston when in New York. Enclosed with collection of correspondences concerning the Avatar program seven leaves , Sep birthday card from Elly [Ryder] to Ingo Swann one item , Sep birthday card from Jerry and Rachel to Ingo Swann one item , Sep birthday card from Murleen [Ryder] to Ingo Swann one item , Lardy to Ingo Swann seeking someone on the West Coast to assist him in future seeing. Lardy to Ingo Swann seeking personal and business future-seeing. Would need written information about Lardy to proceed further two leaves , Swann is not soliciting money nor would he accept any one leaf , Martin Edelston, Boardroom Reports noting that Mr.

Edelston was not among the elected Trustees and hoping he will be a candidate in one leaf , Bernard Martino asking for a video-tape copy containing the portion that portrayed Swann; states that this was a verbal agreement that Mr. Martino over the phone one leaf , Puthoff head of the project and Mr. The procedures require about two years of training. Swann does not consider CRV to be related to any aspects of parapsychology. Cournos, The Book of Prophecy, J.

Lindsay, Origins of Astrology, J. Anderson, Prophetic Years, W. Anderson, Seven Years that Changed the World one leaf , Ellen had published a novel, The Fatal Crown which did well one leaf, one item, one envelope , Includes flyer for a workshop she gives called Intuition Training Workshop three leaves, one envelope , Found the book in the Loopanics catalog and encloses a Xerox about it. Includes order form from Loopanics Unlimited, bookseller four leaves , Durant to Ingo Swann noting enclosed materials.

May flyer announcing a 40th birthday party on 30 May at the establishment of Laura DeFreitas in Manhattan one item , Sorted out what we wanted to do with our lives. Daly is going into nursing. Amos is in a year-long, full-time course on robotics.

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Ariel really feels the difference in the family two leaves , Sep handwritten birthday card from Murleen [Ryder] to Ingo Swann one item , Grant two leaves , Bragdon, The Holotropic Mind by S. Goff and The Understanding of Dreams by R.

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Becker one leaf, one item , Dec Christmas card from Tom McNear and family, enclosed with typed letter one leaf, one item , Paul H. Sern, D. Writer has not achieved OBE, asks Swann if he would recommend any exercises to achieve astral projection. Includes brochure of Isac Press books one leaf, one item , Apr invitation to cocktail reception at Forbes Magazine Galleries three items, one envelope , Gardner Murphy Memorial Dinner one leaf, two items, one envelope , Thought you might like to see this.

Toss when through. Moritz one item , Gerrard, D. Houghton to Ingo Swann noting an enclosed train ticket for August 4 to the Adirondacks two leaves , Lydia Bronte at a book party who has written about aging one leaf , Houghton to Rolf [Osterberg?

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Kett one leaf , Jahn and Brenda J. Includes flyer from Academy of Consciousness Studies two-week program June 26 to July 9, one leaf, one item , Nov invitation to an art show for the artist De Es Schwertberger on 29 Nov , enclosed with two full color flyers for the exhibition three items , Dec newsletter for the United Nations Society for Enlightenment and Transformation eight leaves , Dec Christmas card from Martha Sherman to Ingo Swann with enclosed typed note one item, one leaf, one envelope , Dec typed letter from John [illegible] to Ingo Swann wishing a Merry Christmas two leaves , Net, Inc.

Peterson, Chairpersons of the Council Grove Conference, to Ingo Swann inviting Swann to the conference three leaves, one envelope , Connolly, Esq. More fun here!!! Correspondence Apr-Jun, Spring edition of the Spiritual Frontiers Fellowship Newsletter with a schedule of upcoming lectures one item , He discusses an upcoming 60 Minutes piece on remote viewing that has inevitably pulled him into being involved. Jul Preview Issue of Alternative Therapies magazine one item , Enclosed with relevant excerpt four leaves, one envelope , Dec Christmas card from Elna Ketcherside to Ingo Swann with handwritten note enclosed one item, one leaf, one envelope , Jan-April Vol.

Enclosed with two postage cards to be used for shipping purposes.

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He reports that his house was searched and he was under surveillance for many months after calling in a bomb prediction. Because of that, he decided not to call in his prediction of the World Trade Center bombing in 10 days before it happened.

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  8. He advocates for governments and police and security services to be more open to clairvoyants. Summer issue of Omega Institute for Holistic Studies magazine one item , Enclosed with handwritten note of his birth time and place. Enclosed with photos of a bronze sculpture of Vincent Van Gogh two leaves, four items , William Roll one leaf , Gertrude Schmeidler seeking help with a spirit that keeps following them around.

    William Roll, enclosed with permission form one leaf , Correspondence , Dec Christmas card from [illegible] to Ingo Swann one item , Nutter to Ingo Swann discussing her premonitions of natural disasters. She also discusses her study of Swann and her natal charts and the compelling synchronicities between them.

    She asks Swann for advice about on where to get trained in remote viewing. Artwork, clippings, correspondence, ephemera, photographs, slides and transparencies, woodblock, and other materials. The bulk of the materials are artist files containing artist statements, biographical information, correspondence, clippings, and research notes. Correspondence from Ingo Swann appears only marginally in this series. The bulk of the correspondence is from Dr. Raymond Piper, former professor of Philosophy at Syracuse University and author of Cosmic Art , and artists whose work was solicited for publication in the book.

    Piper died suddenly of a heart attack in and work on Cosmic Art ceased until Lila K. Piper, Dr. Cosmic Art was published by Hawthorn Books in Subseries A: Artist files kept by Raymond Piper. This folder contains handwritten, personal correspondence between the artist and Dr. This folder contains handwritten, personal correspondences from the artist to Dr.

    Also, there is a photograph of the artist. This folder contains an artist biography dated Piper describing his personal and artistic philosophy. He is recognized as a prominent contributor to The Harlem Renaissance. This folder contains handwritten, personal correspondence from the artist to Dr. This folder contains handwritten, personal and artist signed correspondences to Dr. Also, there is a letter written by Ingo Swann dated February 20, where he explains his introduction to, and involvement with Cosmic Art.

    There are also several rough sketches, as well as multiple artist signatures on personal correspondences. This folder contains correspondence from the newly independent government of India to Dr. This folder contains 2 photographs of the artist.

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    Bush, was separated from this folder and can be located in the Ingo Swann book collection. This folder contains handwritten, personal and typed artist signed correspondences from the artist to Dr. This folder contains several handwritten, personal correspondences from the artist to Dr. Piper, written in French. Also, there are multiple artist signed photos of artwork. This folder contains a photo of the artist in his studio working on the five-storied pagoda of the Shitenno-ji Temple, the first Buddhist temple built by the state in C.

    Also, there are multiple artist-signed correspondences, including some with his official seal and original artwork drawn at the bottom dated as follows: Feb. Ben Enwonwu is his Anglicized name. Piper and artist signed correspondence. He is recognized as a preemptive contributor in African Art. This folder contains a personally inscribed art exhibit biography printed by the Curt Valentin Gallery, , dedicated to Dr. Piper, and other dedicated art photos. As well, there is a phot of Lyonel Feininger, personally dedicated to Dr. Piper; January 11, This folder contains artist signed correspondence and handwritten questionnaire answers about personal philosophies of art.

    Also, this folder contains handwritten, personal correspondence from the artist to Ingo Swann. Also, of historical significance, there is letter written during the Algerian War, by the artist, to Dr. Raymond Piper. It was intercepted by the State Department, whose letter returning the letter to Dr.

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    Piper is also included, personally signed by Raymond A. Several representations of artwork and poetry were separated from this folder and moved to the Cosmic Art oversize case. This folder contains an inter-filed folder found in the Cosmic Art files created by Ingo Swann after he assumed responsibility for Dr.

    Finally, there is a photo of the artist. This folder contains a signed photograph of the artist. This folder contains signed photographs of the artist and multiple signed photos of his artwork.