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Tigers are pretty much exactly what they sound like; royal in their nature, powerful, with a strong prescence and an ability to turn every head in the room. This leads to a natural weakness to be arrogant, with a short temper and an impulsive side that can get them into trouble. People born in the year of the rabbit are gentle and approachable, kind and elegant. They have a sensitivity that they can be considered one of their greatest strengths, because they use it to inform their intuition.

The problem is it can make them overly-romantic and somewhat delusional when it comes to relationships. Year of the dragon people are known for being very popular, as the dragon is held in high regard in chinese culture. These people are represented by an animal that denotes authority, dignity, power, and presitige.

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The personality of someone born in a dragon year is known for being confident, witty, and an excellent talker. They can be somewhat dominant and extremely fiery, making them intolerant of those who are different from them. Those born in the year of the snake are known for being intelligent and secretive, with a wisdom that they keep hidden.

They can be manipulative in some of the same ways that a scorpio can be; gathering information on those around them to eventually use against them. The people born in the year of the horse make a lifelong effort to improve upon themselves no matter the difficulty or the cost. They are dedicated to personal growth in order to serve the growth of the collective. They are free spirits with an independent heart and a strong work ethic. Those born in the year of the sheep are excellent at working with others.

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