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Horoscope for Sunday, Oct. 27, 12222

Your understanding may be a welcome addition to the world of business, advertising or public relations. Your interest in people could translate into success in humanitarian careers, such as teaching, social work or counseling. Similarly, you may use your gifts for communication to relate to audiences as a journalist or writer, which was the case for John Steinbeck, who was also born on February 27th.

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If you are musically inclined, your gifts may lead to lyrical success, much like Rozonda Chilli Thomas, another of your celebrity birthday twins. The Sabian Symbol for your birthday is a jockey, intent on outdistancing his rivals, spurring his horse to great speed. This symbol suggests that you may be approaching a competition in your own life.

If your goals are within reach, mobilize your drive, energy and skill to obtain success. Here are a few Pisces celebrities born on February 27th and their past or present romantic connections:. Famous Birthdays. February 27 Horoscope. Their feelings will be unstable, change, and the only way for them to remain in one healthy relationship is to keep it filled with surprises at all times. Many of these Pisces representatives will move too fast for any partner to keep up with their pace, as if they were on a chase for love they didn't have enough of when they were supposed to.

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This could lead to painful breakups and changes that shift their entire perception of love and world they live in. Only when this person becomes truly grateful for every beautiful moment they had, instead of holding on to the past experiences staying hungry and in constant desire for more, will they realize that it is possible to enjoy being born on this date.

Actual liberation will come through relationships that aren't that promising, but that are exciting and true, with no idealization to their setting, only the magic of short moments that create an opportunity for laughter, beauty, fulfillment and joy. Standing out from the crowd, these are the people that invent incredible new practical solutions. They excel in design of gadgets that everyone wishes to use every day, and show their true talents when faced with something unusual and stressful.

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They work well under pressure, but their hearts can't always handle the challenge. Architecture or molecular gastronomy could be the perfect field of interest for them, as well as agriculture or home decorating, but in a modern tone and with new-age equipment. Although thulite is considered to be a stone to primarily serve those who need to speak in front of a crowd, its basic energy helps a person to build connections to other people that are easy and flowing.

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  8. This makes it an excellent choice for a person born on February 27th. Uncomfortable social situations can be resolved with the use of this crystal, as it sparks one's enthusiasm for living, extroverted and expressive behavior, and the passion for life itself. A present for a person born on the 27th of February needs to remind them of being at peace.

    Although this is an emotion they barely manage to feel when it is there, they will still carry this information in their mind, as if their entire existence is colored by it. Wrap up their favorite, soothing compilation of music, buy some salt for their time spent relaxing in the tub, or choose a scent for aromatherapy that will calm their heart.

    Whatever you do, don't fear jumping out of routine and common choices, for there is nothing common hiding below the surface of those born on this date.

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    For reasons you cannot explain, you have the innate ability to sense the emotions of others, especially when a loved one is upset or troubled. You use your emotional understanding to be a truly selfless friend and companion. Your friends and family would be the first to admit that you often put their interest far above your own.

    Water is your sign's paired element and of all the zodiac signs, you have the only mutable connection with the element. Your special relationship with water allows your words to take on the adaptable and fluid qualities of flowing water. As is the case with all water signs, you are quite comfortable on the rocky oceans of emotion. From your emotional experiences you gain understanding, which explains why you so easily realize when others are experiencing strong waves of emotions.

    Embracing water's positive qualities will help your compassion grow, but be aware of the moodiness that sometimes accompanies an overindulgence in the emotions. Neptune is the ruling planet of your sign and as you were born in the first Decan, or part, of the sign, you are subject to a double helping of Neptune's influence. Being the planet of refinement, Neptune's power is witnessed in your innate sensitivity, vision and compassion.