Cancer weekly horoscope 8 march

Leo season is about the power of the individual, and the full moon in Aquarius echoes how our strong individuality can shed light on our collective network. There is beauty in being ourselves, and comfort in the crowd. And your beauty?

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They simply love to see it! Seek beauty in its entirety. Find pleasure and joy, two things that are important to realize and celebrate when they happen. The cheery, saccharine planetary energy of this week and last week builds up to a full moon in Aquarius on Thursday August 15, at AM. This full moon requests that we balance our need to stand out from the crowd and our identity within it.

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The day of the full moon is also the day that Mercury retrograde finally clears its shadow! So all of the mess and confusion from Mercury retrograde finally flushes out, coincidentally, at the same time of this emotionally energetic crescendo. Shameless ideas are formed based on our most unconventional mad-scientist manifestos. We can make assumptions based on a hunch. While Mars is in Virgo, a sign of service to others, we have energy to do more for other people.

Finding your look and aesthetic depends on what makes you feel best.

Cancer Weekly Horoscope

Sure, you can be inspired by other people, but it is important that you know what becomes you. On Monday morning, the sun meets with sweet Venus, giving you the gift of authentic beauty. The following day there is a full moon in Aquarius, putting your relationships into perspective. Use the clarity of the full moon to evaluate what you need from others. As messenger Mercury clashes with Uranus, you can carve the intellectual space to make it happen.

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Accept that which cannot be seen as the sun meets with sweet Venus on Wednesday. You have more energy to exert your will beginning Sunday, as action planet Mars enters Virgo.

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The coming weeks are a time of great physical strength and endurance, helping you power through whatever is left of your Leo season shadows. There have been so many people to see this Leo season! On Wednesday the sun meets your sweet planetary ruler Venus, inspiring a delightful and charming atmosphere.

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Figure out which events or people to prioritize. While you have all of these fun things happening, duty remains—at least you have a strong network to call on for help! This week you will be more advanced in your demands on people in your family, especially for things related to education or career. During the week, you will have the opportunity to engage in part-time work that will earn you extra income, depending on your ambition and needs.

This week, due to distraction or haste, you may forget or lose important things for you.

Fancy the VIP treatment? Jupiter in Capricorn delivers the goods!

Do not decline an invitation to a meeting or gathering during the week because the people you meet will give you important and useful information. Women will be influenced by many emotions in their relationships with men, whether they are relatives, friends, colleagues, and more.

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This can have a beneficial effect on your relationship as long as you do not overdo it with your sensitivity. Men will try to end the commitments that began long ago and have lasted longer than planned.

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People of your past will appear in your dreams and this will bring you back to your shared memories and experiences. Cancer Weekly Horoscope 18 - 24 November, If you were born under the sign of Cancer, this is a week in which new people will appear in your circle of relatives, friends, or colleagues. At first, you will be susceptible to prejudice or feelings against these people, but do not rush to your conclusions. This is a week where you will get a wealth of information about different people and events. Interesting topics will be raised for conversations with people at your home or with friends.

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During the week, a suggestion or invitation will push you to give a quick concrete answer. You may be unprepared for such a decision. LEO July 24 - Aug 23 This is one of those fine moments when you seem to be able to get on with other people so much better, but only if you put their interests first. The fact is that you have so much to learn by following their lead. At work, it's time to pick up a new skill. You never know when it will come in handy! It may be boring to take part in a hobby which doesn't interest you. It may even be downright tedious.

However, just think of the emotional credit you'll gain! At home, partners expect you to agree with them. A psychological reading of your chart, on the other hand, might advise you to have the courage to be child-like or just young-at-heart yourself.