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We may send free promo messages. For a more in depth astrological analysis, check your Personal Horoscope. Your Zodiac Characteristics. Monthly Virgo horoscope for December Free monthly horoscope for Virgo. Dear Virgo, this month will begin with many commitments and a lot of errands for your sign, in order to deal with the many issues that are troubling you. The planets will make things quite ambiguous for you. On the one hand, you will feel free from anxiety and commitment, and you can promote your plans by expressing your ideas and beliefs. Susan highlights important dates for Virgo during the month ahead and also summarizes her detailed monthly forecast at the end.

The brief monthly overview for Virgo is an excellent recap. Jonathan Cainer monthly horoscopes for Virgo are excellent, as are all the monthly horoscopes from Jonathan Cainer. We highly recommend getting the Virgo monthly audio horoscopes for spoken word forecasts as well. She features monthly financial astrology, love and luck.

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All the major planetary aspects for the month ahead are considered. Important dates for Virgo in the month ahead and astrological clues are spread throughout her readings.

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Evelyn strives for an honest, accurate monthly forecast for Virgo. As with her weekly Virgo forecasts, Terry Nazon gives in-depth and detailed monthly astrological readings in this month's Virgo horoscopes. Be sure to browse around. There's a lot of information on her website about the 12 star signs and monthly Virgo astrological events. Lucky and stressful days this month are highlighted for Virgo.

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There's a weekly and monthly horoscope forecast for Virgo on the same page for each zodiac sign. It's nice to see the weekly and monthly predictions together.

Concise monthly astrology readings often render monthly horoscopes pointless. Not so with these accurate and to the point predictions from Ed Tamplin.

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Well-written and accurate forecasts. Terrific UK monthly horoscope website. Worth visiting for the other Virgo astrology readings too. We love reading Penny Thornton's Virgo monthly scopes and we're sure you will too. She gives Virgo a solid monthly horoscope forecast based on the planetary aspects, which are described in just enough detail.

We also feature free daily horoscopes for Virgo , weekly Virgo horoscopes , Virgo love horoscopes and yearly Virgo horoscopes.

You can get your free horoscopes by zodiac sign or free horoscopes and astrology for all zodiac signs, Virgo including sun, moon and rising sign ascendant. You can learn all about Virgo zodiac astrology from your sign's home page and also reach all your free Virgo horoscopes from there.

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If you like our free Virgo monthly predictions, Virgo monthly forecasts and month ahead horoscopes for Virgo, come back soon for your brief monthly outlook or in-depth overview! You will hesitate to make the choice that seems to be essential for you. You will be convinced until then that love can bring you true pleasure and it is not just a trap for making babies, as some would think! Due to some amazing astral influences, you are going to have a great power of seduction and no issues in conquering some hearts, once you get closer to the middle of the year. It is possible to be more interested in the sexual aspects of your relationships, and this could offend some of your partners, who might feel regarded just as sexual objects.

If you manage to control this weakness, you can expect to have a period full of divine surprises. For the single natives, the second half of will bring an exceptional meeting. Your choice has already been made! Those single will enjoy many flings.

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On the other hand, most of these romantic dates will often take place in a strange way and in the most uncommon and romantic places. During the last part of the year, you will manage to get over all the taboos and interdictions and you will live your love life as you wish, completely ignoring any gossip. For the Virgo natives who already have someone in their lives, the partner is going to make a memorable scene one of these days.

You are required to organize an event or to take care of a project that demands organizational talent and attention to details. For this reason, you will spend a lot of time at work. Some additional salt and pepper in love might be beneficial for the Virgo natives, starting from February until the middle of March, at least!