Love horoscope for january 25

You take on any opportunity to have a new experience, whether it means diving into a new environment or meeting new people. You thrive in situations where you can display your unique point of view and learn from others.

You have a unique charm that causes others to gravitate to you. People may find you unusual at times, but this is only a result of the originality that you display in all aspects of your life.

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Your special connection to air allows your personality to take on the stubborn qualities of a strong, forceful wind. While it is air that makes you determined, it is also air that stirs your inner curiosity. The leading planet is definitely the planet Uranus is so called the unconventional planets, and so are they.

The Aquarius, as well as the people who are born on the January 25, are the most significant individuals in the Zodiac system of signs.

This planet gives them individuality and wisdom, but also they are generous and happy to help other people. They do not seek in return to come back with the same measure. Quite the contrary, if this happens — it is surprising! Metal that symbolically describes them is Titanium, one of the strongest metals on the planet Earth. In , the Union was occupied by Spain, and Westphalia in received independence and then accepted the name of the Netherlands to the largest and richest province. In the year — The most famous American gangster Al Capone died.

He was the criminal organiser in Chicago and the head of one of the largest gangster gangs.

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Authorities arrested him for tax evasion. Kennedy answered the 31 question.

January 25 Zodiac is Aquarius - Full Horoscope Personality

In the year — General Idi Amin defeated Milton Obote by the military strike and proclaimed himself for president. In the year — The Parliamentary Assembly of the Council of Europe has accepted Russia as a member of the organisation and despite harsh criticism of Russian military engagement in Chechnya.

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In the year — A series of earthquakes in Colombia, hit the coffee breweries region, killed about 2, people and hundreds of thousands of people were left without homes. In the year — Dorothy Karington, a British historian, anthropologist and writer, known for his books on the island of Corsica where he lived, died. In the year — In a stampede during a pilgrimage to the goddess of Mande Devine in the west of India, at least Hinduist pilgrims, including women and children, were killed.


In the year — At the first parliamentary elections in Palestinian Territories, the Islamic Radical Movement Hamas won, and formed a new government headed by the leader of that movement Ismail Haniyeh. To describe people who are born on the January 25, we could say that they are the people who are approaching their problems scientifically; they will analyse them carefully and will not make mistakes! They have lush imagination, but that imagination serves them just to frame clear and precise thoughts.

They know to be angry, but primarily to themselves, and believes that mistakes made by others can be prevented with their help. They are not emotional and see people primarily as friends and are deeply emotionally attached to them.

Daily horoscope for Friday January 25 – here’s what the stars have in store for you today

Sensitive, interesting and intelligent, they skilfully arrange any project aimed at ensuring their success. Merry, sociable and quite original — they have a love for literature, and enjoy discussion and debate while they are at it. They have good intentions, and their demeanor is revolved around thinking and contemplation. There is quite a lot imperiousness in their nature, with usually strong will.

Sabian Symbol

They can command others if need be, they wish to climb up and make a career and show an instinct for business. Both their thoughts and feelings are very lively. They are very sensitive to social relationships, gladly cooperate with the aristocracy and enter marriage with people of better social standing. Sometimes a bit arrogant and changing, but capable of secrecy. They can be successful as a writer. Full of pleasant optimism — they skillfully express your thoughts while demonstrating decorative abilities, but thoroughly avoiding any depth.